Woodland Creation

HW Forestry Ltd has extensive experience in the establishment of new native broadleaved and conifer woodlands of all sizes as well as restoration and planting of hedgerows. We have been establishing and maintaining woodlands for our clients since 1985.
We can help you with all stages of the process, meeting with you on site to discuss your objectives, whether you are planting a woodland for environmental or economic objectives or a mixture of the two.
Our woodland creation services
We aim to work with you to provide a personable and professional service advising on site suitability, species choice, ground preparation requirements and the design of your scheme. We can apply for grants on your behalf from Welsh Government such as Glastir Woodland Creation, Glastir Small Grants or via other channels including the Morewoods and Morehedges Schemes administered by the Woodland Trust. We are approved Glastir Agent Planners and Alison is contracted by Woodland Trust as a Woodland Creation Advisor.

Once a scheme is agreed HW Forestry Ltd can help with implementation. We purchase all our trees from nurseries selling British grown trees and we visit the nurseries annually to inspect stock quality. We can supply your trees and hedging plants and provide a full service whereby we offer a planting and maintenance programme under a four year fixed price budget.

Our contractor teams are closely supervised by us and regular site visits ensure your woodlands meet both your and our expectations.
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Why Choose HW Forestry Ltd
We are a long established independent company offering a full range of forestry, woodland creation and ecological services across Wales. We can help manage your woodlands, harvest and sell your timber, restock or plant new woodland. We can also help with ecological surveys and monitoring and help you gain access to grants that may be available to help achieve your project.

Please get in touch if you would like to meet us to discuss your plans.
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