Ecological Consultancy

Offering a wide range of Ecological Services & years of experience, HW Forestry Ltd are here to help you meet statutory, scientific and conservation land management aims.
We work in partnership with other independent Ecologists based in Wales to ensure we can provide the expertise you require to deliver your project with confidence. Our focus is on habitat and species survey and monitoring work, conservation land management planning and advice.
Our ecological services
We undertake Preliminary Ecological Scoping Appraisals to ensure ecological opportunities and constraints are identified at an early stage, helping you through the statutory planning process during planning applications.

We undertake habitat and species surveys to meet your requirements. We have developed particular expertise in woodland surveys and monitoring programmes but can also assist with surveys of other habitats such as grasslands. Our services include Phase 1 habitat survey, extended Phase 1, NVC survey, species surveys (bats, dormice, herptiles, birds) and botanical survey. We can help with European Protected Species surveys and licencing requirements.

We can advise on conservation land management based on expertise gained by experienced practitioners including the preparation of site management plans tailored to habitats and species present.

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Why Choose HW Forestry Ltd
We are a long established independent company offering a full range of forestry, woodland creation and ecological services across Wales. We can help manage your woodlands, harvest and sell your timber, restock or plant new woodland. We can also help with ecological surveys and monitoring and help you gain access to grants that may be available to help achieve your project.

Please get in touch if you would like to meet us to discuss your plans.
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How Else Can We Help?

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