Cpt 1 is a mature stand planted in 1971 of Japanese Larch, with Scots pine and some mixed broadleaves. The Larch will produce a good proportion of sawlogs and will also produce a useful quantity of fencing material and bio-fuel. Cpt 2 is a small stand of large dimension Douglas Fir planted in 1941, which would suit buyers with markets for large dimension, bespoke sawlog lengths. Cpt 2 also contains a small proportion of Sitka Spruce and Scots pine.

Inspection may be undertaken at any reasonable time. Please take a copy of these particulars with you.

Entrance to Cpt 1 is off the A484 south of Bronwydd at SN425223. Entrance to Cpt 2 is off the minor county road at SN426230. Please do not obstruct entrances when inspecting the parcel. Please contact Mr M Jones on 07970-577992 prior to accessing Cpt 1 and Mr JG Phillips 07801-252025 prior to accessing Cpt 2.

Please ensure that all clothing and footwear is clean to avoid the transfer of disease.

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