Our Client approached HW Forestry Ltd to fell a 2.3 hectare stand of predominantly Japanese Larch trees. This work was a one-off project rather than a project under a long term management agreement with our company. Our Foresters carried out tree mensuration work to estimate the volume of timber to come from the site, created a budget for the client and applied for a felling license form Natural Resources Wales. Whilst the felling license was being processed the trees were confirmed to be diseased with Phytophthora ramorum by Natural Resources Wales and hence they issued us with a Statutory Plant Health Notice alongside the felling license, which placed additional controls on the felling site.

As the trees were infected it was identified that our Client could apply for a Woodland Restoration Grant from the Welsh Government. With their agreement HW Forestry registered the land with Rural Payments Wales and completed all of the required online application forms and reports to gain access to the scheme.

Prior to the sale of the timber additional civil engineering works were identified to upgrade the access to the site and make it more attractive to potential bidders. This work was initiated by us and we contracted a trusted local contractor to carry out the work. The site was then put to the open market through a competitive tender and after awarding the tender to a reputable harvesting firm, the contract and risk assessments were drawn up by us on behalf of our Client.

During the harvesting work our Foresters supervised the site, ensuring the Client’s interests were not at risk and that the work was being carried out safely. Our administration team recorded all of the timber which was dispatched during the contract and raised invoices to the timber buyer for payment to our Client. Once the contract was finished, remedial work was agreed between our Forester and the timber buyer and all timber which was sent off site was accounted for and paid for by the Timber Buyer.

In preparation of the site for planting, ground works were undertaken to rake the harvesting debris into rows, to give a clean area for restocking with 100% broadleaved trees at the request of the Client. The trees were supplied from reputable nurseries on the Welsh borders and were all hand planted by our Contractor within the planting season. In the following year, we carried out regular site visits to monitor the survival of the newly planted trees. The planting and follow up maintenance were supervised by our Foresters as part of the agreed budget.

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