For Sale By Tender

A valuable parcel of standing timber comprised of an estimated 382 cubic metres over bark of Douglas Fir, Norway Spruce and Ash. Situated at Penrallt Cych, Llwyndrain, Pembrokeshire. SA35 0AT.

Clearfell of Norway Spruce and Ash stands on level ground between the forest track and the Afon Cych. Thinning of Douglas fir on sloping ground above the forest track. Thinning will involve removing 1/3 of the standing volume on the basis of 2 planted rows being removed in every 6 rows, the first two rows of DF running parallel to the forest track will also be removed. The sale also includes selectively felling all Douglas Fir in the area above the timber stacking area and turnaround.

The estimates given above of the numbers, sizes and volumes are given without warranty of any sort as to their accuracy.

Inspection May be undertaken at any reasonable time. Please take a copy of these particulars with you. Entrance to the site is off the minor county road at SN275361. Please park in the timber loading and stacking area within the woodland.

Please ensure that all clothing and footwear is clean to avoid the transfer of disease.