For Sale By Tender

A VALUABLE PARCEL OF STANDING TIMBER COMPRISED OF AN ESTIMATED 1258 cubic metres over bark of Norway Spruce. Situated at Llwyn y Brain, Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire. SA20 0EU

The parcel is predominantly un-thinned Norway Spruce which is 55 years old, windblow affected the stand in 2022 but the timber is expected still to be in sound condition. The parcel contains quantity Douglas Fir which is also included in the sale. The stand will produce a high proportion of sawlogs. All chipwood in the parcel is reserved to the seller and must be cut to 3 meter lengths, extract and stack on bearers to point A on conclusion of the sale. The purchaser will be expected to remove top soil along the route of the agreed access route and re-instate to original soil level, on completion of the sale, re-seeding will not be expected.
The Purchaser may use the loading areas within Llwyn y Brain main wood, which is suitable for articulated lorries, if they feel the minor road adjacent to site is not suitable for uplift of timber by lorries.

Inspection may be undertaken at any reasonable time. Please take a copy of these particulars with you.

Please park in the unclassified road as shown on the sale map.

Please ensure that all clothing and footwear is clean to avoid the transfer of disease. As access involves crossing fields containing livestock, please ensure footwear is thoroughly cleaned before visiting site.

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