For Sale By Tender

A QUANTITY OF ROADSIDE TIMBER COMPRISED OF AN ESTIMATED 62 cubic metres of Mixed Broadleaf and Conifer roundwood. Situated at Cresselly Estate, Cresselly, Pembrokeshire. SA68 0SX.

Two stacks of round wood – marked A and B. Stack A is mixed broadleaf round wood, predominantly Oak, Beech and Ash. The estimated volume of Stack A based on stack measure and a stack conversion factor of 0.55 is 53 cubic metres. Stack B is conifer roundwood. The estimated volume of Stack B based on stack measure and a stack conversion factor of 0.55 is 9 cubic metres.

The round wood has been cut to lengths of 3 metres. The timber is suitable for chipping for biomass or processing for domestic firewood.

There is also a quantity of brash and lop and top stored on site which the purchaser may also remove as part of the sale.

The estimates given above of the numbers, sizes and volumes are given without warranty of any sort as to their accuracy. Persons offering for the timber must satisfy themselves as to the exact size and nature of the timber offered for sale. No responsibility will be accepted for any discrepancy whatsoever for any reason at any time.

Inspection may be undertaken at any reasonable time. Please take a copy of these particulars with you.

The timber for sale is at –Grid Reference SN058053 ( what3words- dodging.irritate.irrigated). Please park in the Council Layby off the A4075. The timber stacks are inside the double gated entrance.

Please ensure that all clothing and footwear is clean to avoid the transfer of disease.